Online Meditation Class for everyone ONLINE

Online Meditation Class for everyone ONLINE

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 Do you think to much ?

Do you suffer from Anxiety?

Come to class and we will give you the tools to help alleviate the stress in your life. Bring your friends and children, share meditation  with your loved ones to give them tools on their journey!!!

Come sit weekly  studio online with Sheila Marie and learn several styles of Meditation: you will learn: beginner to advanced / all ages welcome

Stages of Rajna Yoga meditation, Mindful Meditation, Focused Meditation, Loving kindness Meditation,Transcendental Meditation,Visualization Meditation,Mantra Meditation,Spiritual Meditation,Progressive Relaxation Meditation,Movement Meditation,Guided Meditation, Pranayama, Trataka ...and much more!



4 classes  Wednesday 7pm starting October 5th

2 hours

fee: 175.00





Reasons to Meditate:

1. Inner peace and Calmness                                 

2.The ability to be Present in the moment            

3.Unlock the source of inner inspiration         

4.Well being and full filment                                

5.Release Anxiety

6. Peaceful Focus

7. Reduce Stress

8. Promotes emotional health

9.Improves sleep

10. Drops Blood pressure

and much more.......




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