Sheila Marie VIP Event

Join Sheila Marie as she connects to the universe, channeling messages, guidance, and encouragement from loved ones in the spirit world

A Night Out with Sheila Marie

Come and observe Sheila Marie as she connects to the universe and brings in the dearly departed

  • Share in the Connection

    Join in with Sheila Marie as she connects to the spirit realm

  • Communicate with Spirits

    Sheila will be the conduit for messages, guidance, and encouragement to spirits

  • Come Away Stronger

    Go forth with renewed comfort and a sense of serenity

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VIP Labor Day Event

Provincetown, MA, Cape Cod

August 31st, 2024 – September 1st, 2024

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"Readers already open to the idea of a joyful connection with a Divine Source will feel buoyed by Marie’s encouragement and stories of intuitive flashes..."

~ Publishers Weekly

Read about Sheila's journey in her book, Forensic Medium: The Power of the Unseen, an a guide and analysis to frensic mediumship told through her own experiences.