"Guide your Intuition" One day workshop

"Guide your Intuition" One day workshop

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Do you want to learn to connect to the divine within and around you?

 Do you want to become more connected spiritually with the Universal Energies?

Do you want to learn to connect to other dimensions of energy?

Do you want to learn in positive loving environment?


 Learn techniques from her book:

FORENSIC MEDIUM "The Power of the Unseen"

 A 1 day workshop with renowned forensic medium. You will learn Sheila Marie's blueprint for connection as well as ancient techniques through meditation and psychic connection. You will receive a certificate of completion for attending. 


February 25th,2024... Winter Park, Florida, U.S.A. FOUR SEASONS ,Sunday 25th email: sheila@sheilamariemedium.com for more info

Coming this spring to NEW YORK CITY , Manhattan (stay tuned for dates )

Coming this Summer/August to Cape Cod, Mass (more info to follow)

Coming September, Boston, Massachusetts, U,S,A (more info coming)