Psychic Mediumship Sunday / January 9th, 2022

Psychic Mediumship Sunday / January 9th, 2022

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Psychic Development Day Live in Studio
Do you want to develop your intuitive abilities and senses ?
With Sheila Marie and learn her blueprint to connect you to your inner light. She will guide you to learn the mechanics of your own true psychic strength and functions in a group setting. :
In this class you will:
Let go of fear that is holding you back
Trust your higher power ; Allowing you to be true and connect with your inner light system
Connect to your Intuition and psychic abilities
Psychic files
Mechanics and understanding of psychic mediumship and how to connect to spirit
All ages thru pre-beginner to professional welcome


We will start off with a few styles of meditation and then end with an exerise in psychic development.(each month will be a new exercise in pyschic devlopment.


December 12th,2021  LIVE in Studio

"Sheila Marie Intuitive Art's, 165 Main street, suite 114, Medway , Ma , U.S.A.

1pm to 5pm EST 


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