Rev. Sheila Marie


Rev. Sheila Marie is a world recognized forensic consultant and psychic medium and an active Minister with an Interfaith ministry, Master Teacher and Spiritual counselor. She has been featured on many national radio shows and has demonstrated her gifts Internationally with FBI and numerous agencies. She has also assisted in many notorious missing person and criminal cases. She has successfully connected families and agencies with data and landmarks.

Sheila also served as a Police Officer for over 15 years. She is reputed within the police community and known as a "Medium with Integrity."

Currently, Sheila is available for private and group readings. Gallery events are actively being scheduled, please check back soon to view the latest postings for these events.



Sheila's most recent accomplishment is locating the "The Legend of the Babe Ruth Piano" in Sudbury MA, USA. This finding gained her exposure as well as local media attention.