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Psychic & Mediumship Development

Discover the Power of psychic mediumship, connect with the spirit, and transform your life and the lives of others.

Discover Your Power

  • Unlock your psychic potential
  • Develop your intuitive skills
  • Expert mentorship available
  • Ethical and compassionate approach

Accessible Online, Anywhere

  • Virtual classroom
  • Interactive exercises
  • Discussion forums
  • One-on-one sessions with a group

Learn From a Master

Sheila Marie is a spiritual teacher, guide, and mentor. She is a Guru respected for her wisdom, knowledge and ability to provide guidance and insight on spiritual matters. She has mastered her connection with the Universe and shares this gift of connection to help others in their personal development and life in general, as well as connecting them to higher dimensions.

Goals of the Class

  • 1

    Basics of Psychic Abilities

    Understanding different types of psychic abilities and how to recognize and develop their own intuitive gifts.

  • 2

    Connecting with Spirit

    Techniques for connecting with the spirit world, including meditation, energy work, and understanding signs and symbols from the other side.

  • 3

    Mediumship Ethics

    Exploring the ethical considerations in mediumship practice and understanding the responsibility that comes with communicating with spirits.

  • 4

    Spirit Communication

    Learning how to establish and strengthen connections with spirits, receiving and interpreting messages, and delivering messages with empathy and sensitivity.

"Sheila is a amazing Medium, Healer, and Teacher. Your guided meditations are without equal! Thank you again for what you taught me."
~ Theodore Rich

"Sheila is a wonderful, down-to-earth Healer, Psychic/Medium, and Teacher of whom I've had the privilege of being a student."

~ Valerie Wild Owl

"Sheila is a compassionate person with a joyful, healing presence. Her classes are wonderful-and fun! And, you won't regret booking a reading or healing session with her either."

~ Gwyn Marathas

Come away feeling


By the end of these foundational classes, participants can expect to have a solid understanding of psychic mediumship, as well as practical skills and knowledge to begin their journey towards developing their mediumship abilities.

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"Readers already open to the idea of a joyful connection with a Divine Source will feel buoyed by Marie’s encouragement and stories of intuitive flashes..."

~ Publishers Weekly

Read about Sheila's journey in her book, Forensic Medium: The Power of the Unseen, an a guide and analysis to frensic mediumship told through her own experiences.